Vancouver Neighborhood Tee's Now Available!

Today marks the launch of a new collaboration between myself, Steve Valenta of The Mighty Bowl and Dave Cummings of Moreland Print!

It's time for the amazing folks of downtown Vancouver, Washington to start showing some pride in their community. Our downtown area has experienced tremendous growth in the last few years and has truly come to life! Dave, Steve and myself decided to bring together our collective skills and begin creating apparel in support of our neighborhoods.

As of today they are for sale at The Mighty Bowl (mobile truck), in BOTH male and Female Sizes!! Be sure to check the location schedule HERE, also, please check out Dave's website and see what else he's up to.

What are you waiting for?! Go Grab one along with a delicious Mighty Bowl!

P.S. My Favorite, Half Mighty Sauce, Half Extra Spicy topped off with a bit of the Jalapeño Tabasco. You can ask for the 'Sorrell'..... they just might look at you weird though....