August 2015


What a wild few months this summer has been. The last year has been a pretty rough one for me. The last few months have been especially exhausting. 

Work: last month I became the only employee at the sign shop, not only that, we have been at our busiest in years.

We moved on the 1st August and we have been extremely lucky to find a great place and have returned back to the downtown community. 

On August 14 I will be leaving the sign shop and returning to Compass Coffee. I am still a little un-easy about the switch but I am hoping it will give me more flexibility for opportunities that will further my design career.

Unfortunately my lettering has been taking a back seat to a lot of other projects and life attention stealers.

I am looking forward to getting a new workspace setup in the coming weeks and beginging to re-establish some kind of routine when it comes to handlettering.


thats my brief update!