Cancer Peace Portal


Today a crowd-funding campaign by Help 4 Cancer launches on IndieGoGo.

Mark Burright contacted me about creating some artwork for a reward level or "perk." We spoke a bit about what they do and what their campaign was all about, and I thought it was brilliant and quite suprised there hasn't been something like it before.

I'm truly honored to be able to collaborate with a great friend of mine, Photographer & Filmmaker, Jordan Thompson.  We spent some time looking through many of the great photos he has taken,  we found this stunning one of a deer in a field. It had such a soothing liveliness quality to it.

I then went to work on the lettering piece. The three words fully represent the Cancer Peace Portal campaign.


Be sure to check out their Indie GoGo campaign, spread the word and support if you can. 

Cancer Peace Portal on Indie GoGo