Old Holiday Traditions

By far one of the best holiday traditions I ever had the privilege of being a part of, and I miss it a great deal. We had a solid 5 year run, stepping it up each year. From Christmas puking all over, to a christmas gift explosion in the snow. From mounting santa hat wearing horses whilst wielding broadswords to baked goods and a christmas lighting gone wrong, we had the best times and created incredible memories.

Miss and love you both, Robert Pérez and David Carroll!
Photo Cred goes to:
Jordan Thompson
Chris Kalani
Andrew Olaf Jussi Kent

Foundational Lettering Tutorial

Earlier this month I had the privilege to write a tutorial for Copic, an international art supplier who's products I love and use regularly.

The tutorial highlights my foundational steps of creating a handlettered piece of art.


Check it out on the Copic Marker website > LINK!

Filming with Copic

Today I had the opportunity to spend some time with Daniel and Andrew who are working on a video for Copic Marker. They invited me to participate and go out and enjoy some Pacific Northwest weather.  



I got to check out some places up in Forest Park that I have been meaning to check out for years. It was the perfect day for it! 



Of course we had to grab coffee at Prince! 

Of course we had to grab coffee at Prince! 


Ode to Coffee First Contest

My good friend Johnny Driver of Red Forest Films, along with Grant Harold of Radar Flora (score) and myself submitted a 30 second short for an "ode to coffee first" contest hosted by Peet's Coffee & Greenlight Studios.

Unfortunately, we did not make top ten to enter into public vote but we had a great time working together and I still wanted to share the video. 

Let us know what you thought!

Coffee Flash Sheet available for purchase.

Letterpress prints printed by Adventure Storeys 

Letterpress prints printed by Adventure Storeys 

My experiments with traditional tattoo style illustration comes together with multiple passions! Coffee, flash style illustration, & letterpress printing. I've worked in the specialty coffee industry for several years now, and it remains a passion, therefore this project has been a joy to work on.

It is now available for purchase as a limited run. There are opportunities for wholesale. If that is of interest, please contact me for details!

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Vancouver Neighborhood Tee's Now Available!

Today marks the launch of a new collaboration between myself, Steve Valenta of The Mighty Bowl and Dave Cummings of Moreland Print!

It's time for the amazing folks of downtown Vancouver, Washington to start showing some pride in their community. Our downtown area has experienced tremendous growth in the last few years and has truly come to life! Dave, Steve and myself decided to bring together our collective skills and begin creating apparel in support of our neighborhoods.

As of today they are for sale at The Mighty Bowl (mobile truck), in BOTH male and Female Sizes!! Be sure to check the location schedule HERE, also, please check out Dave's website and see what else he's up to.

What are you waiting for?! Go Grab one along with a delicious Mighty Bowl!

P.S. My Favorite, Half Mighty Sauce, Half Extra Spicy topped off with a bit of the Jalapeño Tabasco. You can ask for the 'Sorrell'..... they just might look at you weird though.... 


Experiments with Traditional Flash Style Illustration

I had never been drawn to traditional, american style tattoos.... Until now...

Last December when receiving my last tattoo (by the unreasonably talented, Kyle Stacher.) I began to see much more work by a large array of artist as the hook of the tattoo world reeled me in. I became intrigued by the art with a focus on how I could become more efficient within my own practice.

I began drawing, experimenting, drawing quickly, learning basic structures. etc...

Developing my illustrative skill sets in combination with lettering has been a blast and I have a couple products in the works that I am extremely excited about and can't wait to share with you!

August 2015


What a wild few months this summer has been. The last year has been a pretty rough one for me. The last few months have been especially exhausting. 

Work: last month I became the only employee at the sign shop, not only that, we have been at our busiest in years.

We moved on the 1st August and we have been extremely lucky to find a great place and have returned back to the downtown community. 

On August 14 I will be leaving the sign shop and returning to Compass Coffee. I am still a little un-easy about the switch but I am hoping it will give me more flexibility for opportunities that will further my design career.

Unfortunately my lettering has been taking a back seat to a lot of other projects and life attention stealers.

I am looking forward to getting a new workspace setup in the coming weeks and beginging to re-establish some kind of routine when it comes to handlettering.


thats my brief update! 

Don't forget to live.


I have a bad habit. Pretty sure I'm not alone.

Lately, in the realm of the industry I currently reside, it's all about 'the grind'. The constant pressure of progression, the voice in your head that says, 'there is no time to relax, keep working!' 'Push harder' 'Grind! Grind! Grind!'

Am I alone?

While I absolutely appreciate hard work and diligence toward becoming great at specific skill sets. I feel that I often take it to the extreme and don't make time to enjoy other parts of life.

It's a balance that I find difficult to maintain. 

With that said. Lets all be encouraged to work diligently, but let us not forget to live life fully.


good luck. 

First Friday Review

It has been a little over a week since my first art show. It's odd, on Saturday morning I found myself feeling overwhelmed at the idea that i didn't have any extra commitments once it was over. I was so caught up in the stress, excitement and pressure of the deadline that once it was over, I seemed to have felt out of sorts!

I had 3 weeks to produce 15 works from scratch. Mentally, there were a lot of ups and downs, My wife and I also moved during these three weeks. Optimistic, overwhelmed, optimistic, terrified to 'stop thinking, just work".

Art Show Lettering (6 of 8).jpg

I had no clue what this was going to take and what a challenge it was. Despite all the things that as an artist you think about, such as: "I wish I would have done ____.", "That's not quite how I wanted that", i should have thought about....." Etc. The show was a success, I was so honored by the support of friends that came to the show to see what I do.

Prints were screen printed by Dave Cummings of Moreland Print     www.morelandprint.com

Prints were screen printed by Dave Cummings of Moreland Print     www.morelandprint.com

I'm so glad that I took on the opportunity/challenge. And now I'm looking forward to creating some new pieces utilizing different mediums for lettering.

I'm so thankful for the opportunity and those who helped me put the show together, I truly could not have done it without you!

Prints as well as a few of the other pieces from the show will be available for purchase here on the site shortly. Until then, feel free to contact me if there are any pieces that you may be interested in.

First Friday Art Show

Three weeks ago I was asked if I would like the opportunity to show my work for August's First Friday Art Walk in downtown Vancouver, Wa.

It sounded exciting and like a great opportunity to have my work seen. I'm really curious how this format will be for me as a lettering artist. So the last three weeks have been all hustle in preparing for the show and theres still plenty more to be done in the next five days.


To add to the exciting news, I have teamed up with Dave Cummings of Moreland Print to produce my first line up of prints (4 designs).  These prints are screen printed by Dave himself on beautiful 100# brilliant white French Paper (made is the U.S......)  and a limited amount will be available for purchase at the first friday event! 

Following the First Friday event we will be preparing to begin online sales once all of the shipping supplies will be acquired.

I would be honored if you would be able to stop by and say hello at the event. It will be Located in the House of Providence office just south of Kiggins Theater at 1001 Main St. Vancouver, Wa 98660 from 5pm - 9pm on Friday August 1st.

Cancer Peace Portal


Today a crowd-funding campaign by Help 4 Cancer launches on IndieGoGo.

Mark Burright contacted me about creating some artwork for a reward level or "perk." We spoke a bit about what they do and what their campaign was all about, and I thought it was brilliant and quite suprised there hasn't been something like it before.

I'm truly honored to be able to collaborate with a great friend of mine, Photographer & Filmmaker, Jordan Thompson.  We spent some time looking through many of the great photos he has taken,  we found this stunning one of a deer in a field. It had such a soothing liveliness quality to it.

I then went to work on the lettering piece. The three words fully represent the Cancer Peace Portal campaign.


Be sure to check out their Indie GoGo campaign, spread the word and support if you can. 

Cancer Peace Portal on Indie GoGo





6 Years ago...


Time goes by so quickly.

Six years ago yesterday, a kid with big hair at the ripe ole age of twenty one asked a pretty girl to marry him.

Now here at age twenty seven. I'm sure that's the best question I will ever ask. (Thankfully the best answer too)


after the proposal a truly random bunch of us went bowling on a whim! 


left to right: Jordyn Sorrell, David Sorrell (myself), Shannon Galford, Robert Perez, Daryn White, Jason Petker & David Carroll (not pictured).

left to right: Jordyn Sorrell, David Sorrell (myself), Shannon Galford, Robert Perez, Daryn White, Jason Petker & David Carroll (not pictured).

Oddly enough, without realizing, my wife randomly baked a beautiful cake yesterday!

Last Day.

I joined the team at Compass Coffee Roasting in February of 2013 after returning home from a year long project out at the coast. In that short amount of time Compass has grown substantially, as well as our relationship as a team, as a family.

Over this last year with Compass, my knowledge, palate, and passion for the specialty coffee industry has grown. It has been an incredible industry to explore and I hope to continue doing so in different capacities.

I had the opportunity to be with Compass during a pivotal time in the companies history and felt like I was able to make an impact and be apart of it in some ways. I look forward to whats next in the near future of Compass.

Today, was my last day at Compass Coffee. Though sad, I am looking forward and excited to be focusing on a career path at NW Sign Solutions in Vancouver, Wa.


Thank You, Bryan, Curtis, Katey, Kayli, Alex, Pat & Mike.

Annnnndddd, your welcome for that ridiculous photo of me that you will find on the wall when you go to work in the morning!


Lettering Projects

I have a couple of fun projects currently going on. 


Yesterday I broke ground on them. The first one is a wedding invite for a friend whom I don't get to see very often. I'm really looking forward to the challenge! 

I spent a fair amount of time working with different layouts and styles.


The other project is a shirt/poster design for a Portland-based band, Samsel and the Skirt. I had the opportunity to do some lettering for their album early last year which will be launching along with their shirts on March 31st!